BMC – Roof coating proven 100% successful

The Client

Building Management & Consultancy (BMC) manage a portfolio of large commercial properties on behalf of landlords across the UK. Their team of Property Managers are tasked to ensure that the properties are up to standard and that any problems are quickly rectified. As well as tackling general responsibilities on a daily basis, they are responsible for analysing and making recommendations for large maintenance projects.

The Business Requirement

Bedford Heights – a large commercial premises managed by BMC, being used as offices was experiencing roof leaks. This was caused by the old felt on the roof becoming brittle and water permeable with age. BMC decided to investigate whether a waterproof coating would be a cost effective option rather than go to the expense of a re-roofing project. Having conducted a visual inspection of the roof, it was determined that the deck and structure was sound and that it would accommodate a new coating. By selecting a technically advanced product, they believed they would be able to extend the life of the roof whilst meeting their clients' needs for a watertight building with minimum disruption.

The Solution

BMC trialled Polycotes' Acraflex RG along with two competitors products, finding Acraflex RG to be the only option that didn’t fail. With excellent adhesion and flexibility properties – Acraflex RG was found to withstand the movement from the roof – remaining intact and waterproof, unlike the other products which peeled and cracked due to lack of adhesion and elasticity. BMS engaged Polycote Contract Services to complete this refurbishment project on their behalf. The first phase of the project was the preparation of the roof – sweeping away dust and other accumulated debris and checking for any areas that might need repairing. Acraflex RG Primer was then applied to the clean surface, followed by the topcoat of Acraflex RG. Our experienced team completed the task efficiently and to a high standard. The flexibility of Acraflex RG would allow for the daily expansion and contraction of the roof due to temperature changes, preventing any further deterioration. The finished roof now had a waterproof, UV resistant coating which would last for many years to come.

Client Testimonial

"We are particularly impressed with the Acraflex RG which is now widely used on all manner of roofing across the portfolio of properties that we manage. Naturally, each case is based on its own merit, but to date from your initial site surveys, the Acraflex RG has been 100% successful in solving leaking roofs.This has allowed us to be confident enough to recommend to our Property Managers, that this is the right solution to resolve issues with problematic roofs, rather than going to the significant expense of re-felting or re-covering. In addition, after trialling other methods & coatings, we have found that the Acraflex RG is effectively far superior than products that we have paid twice the price to apply in the past, that have ended up not even half as effective! So, thank you once more for continuously delivering a job "well done" - from start to finish!"

Joe Burke
Director, Building Maintenance Services

Products used

Acraflex RG Primer, Acraflex RG

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