B&P Properties – Success in 50,000 sq.ft refurbishment project

The Client

B&P Properties are a leading private real estate investor and management company. A key focus of their business is keeping a well maintained portfolio of properties – making development and refurbishment a constant part of their day to day activities. They take great care in the quality finish of their refurbishments to make their buildings stand out from the crowd.

The Business Requirement

Having acquired an older property to add to their portfolio of properties, B&P planned a major refurbishment to bring it up to a professional standard. They were able to work with the potential tenant for this property to determine the specification required. The property consisted of four separate units comprising of an overall 50,000 sq ft. Damp was an issue around the perimeters of the building caused by an inadequate damp proof course in the exterior walls. There were large areas of the floor in need of a long lasting repair, as well as levelling and repairs required around drains. The expansion joints were unsightly and a solution was required to ensure they blended into the new flooring and did not trap dirt or deteriorate over time. Their client specified an extremely hard wearing finish that would withstand forklift traffic and resist impact damage. It was imperative that the coating lasted many years, so that their tenants’ business operations were uninterrupted. B&P required a professional and experienced company to undertake this flooring preparation, repair and coating refurbishment project.

The Solution: Floor Preparation

As the buildings had been constructed around the time of World War 2 – the concrete was in very poor condition and needed to be stripped back in order to bring it up to a suitable standard for the application of a floor coating.Vaccum assisted shot blasting and diamond grinding around the edges stripped the top layer of concrete, leaving a ready to prime surface.

The Solution Floor Repairs & Coating

Polycote recommended Cretex EP Mortar as the ideal product for an extremely tough, yet cost effective repair of the large areas. The damp issues were addressed by selecting DPM Primer. The application of this advanced primer would stabilise the substrate – sealing in the damp with its waterproof barrier. Flortex Professional was selected for the topcoat – an extremely hard wearing, high build epoxy floor coating. Its impervious gloss finish would resist scratches, chemicals and heavy traffic – meeting B&P’s objective of many years of service. B&P properties saw this overall solution as a sound investment in their property.

The Solution: Finishing

Jointex PU was recommended to fill in the expansion joints – its inherent flexibility meaning a good finish would be maintained and the numerous forklift movements would not damage the joint edges over time.

Client Testimonial

"Polycote provided us with a friendly, professional service that completed our specified job above and beyond our expectations. I would strongly recommend their products and service."
Andrew Ponting
Director, B&P Properties

Products used

DPM Primer, Flortex Professional, Easi-Screed Industrial, Cretex EP Mortar, Jointex PU
All preparation, repair, coating and joint filling services carried out by Polycote Contract Services.

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