Talbot House – 5 Star Boarding Kennels

The Client

Talbot House Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Worthington, Lancashire is a rural business set within a 100 acre site. The owners of Talbot House are a family of animal enthusiasts who strive to provide the most comfortable retreat possible for their customers precious pets.

The Business Requirement

Talbot House closes down for a period every year for a ‘spring clean’ to ensure their premises are kept in the best condition. The existing flooring was becoming difficult to keep clean and odour-free, and its appearance had degraded over time. Scratches from sharp claws, acidic body fluids and the daily use of strong cleaning products had degraded the floor over time. Talbot House needed a floor coating that would provide outstanding resistance to these issues and would keep the floor odour free after their daily cleaning routine.

The Solution

Polycote recommended Flortex EP – an extremely hard wearing epoxy floor coating. Its impervious gloss finish would resist scratches, chemicals and acidic fluids. The owners of Talbot house painted the floors themselves, by simply brushing the paint around the edges and using a professional roller to fill in the main area. Using dryers to speed up the curing time, the job was completed successfully within a few hours and the floor was ready to be used.

Client Testimonial

"Our customers have been really impressed with our newly painted floor. One recently told us that ‘the kennels were like a 5 star hotel’, and another said it was ‘so nice to be in kennels that always smelt fresh and pleasant’. This makes a real difference to us when customers are choosing a kennel for their dog. The Polycote floor paint makes our cleaning routine easy and it keeps the smells away. It was easy to apply – a couple of hours and the job was done."

Barbara Glover
Owner, Talbot House Boarding Kennels

Product used

Flortex EP

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