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  • How to find the best cleaning method

    Before deciding on any particular method, clean several relatively small areas to assess the efficiency of the method and the appearance and condition of......

  • How to apply an epoxy coating over an existing vinyl floor.

    Many of our customers ask about applying a coating over existing vinyl flooring, both in sheet form and tiles. As many have experienced, as vinyl flooring gets old......

  • How to apply an epoxy coating in cold weather?

    When temperatures start to fall you need to start thinking very seriously about minimum temperatures that your chosen floor coating can be stored at, applied at, and the minimum temperature the...

  • How To Acid Etch A Concrete Floor…

    Etch IT is a very low cost chemical method commonly used to treat concrete floors to remove laitance and provide a profile. The objective of acid etching is to dissolve the weak surface layer known as...

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Garage Floor

    Perhaps you’re thinking about building a new garage and wondering… Should I paint it? Is there is any point? Are there any benefits? Well very simply, we've been in this industry for well over 20 years...

  • Why You Should Use An Epoxy Primer

    Many people are not aware that specialist primers exist. Many others do not believe them to be necessary. Too many just want to apply a paint, without even any preparation I may add, and...

  • Why Concrete Surface Preparation Is Important

    The cleanliness and condition of a concrete floor is of prime importance to the durability and adhesion of any coating applied over it. Emphasis must be placed on the surface preparation and...


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