Flortex Professional – Clearance

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Flortex Professional – Clearance
An extremely heavy duty concrete floor paint perfect for a pristine finish. This popular concrete floor paint is designed for environments needing easy maintenance, hygienic flooring and a long-lasting solution.
  • 1 x 5kg Unit Mid Grey (split product)
  • 1 x 7.5kg Unit Mid Grey (possible surface tension issues, tested, results OK / split product)
  • 3 x 15kg Units Mid Grey (possible surface tension issues, tested, results OK)
  • 1 x 5kg Unit Kingfisher Blue (closest to RAL-5015 non-standard colour)
  • 2 x 10kg Units Kingfisher Blue (closest to RAL-5015 non-standard colour)
  • 1 x 15kg Unit Mid Blue (non-standard resin & colour / old stock)
  • 2 x 15kg Units Green RAL 6024 - (overstock)
  • 3 x 15kg Units Yellow RAL 1003 - (overstock)

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Flortex Professional – Clearance


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Our best seller, Flortex Professional is an extremely heavy duty two part 100% solids epoxy concrete floor paint incorporating quality high build fillers, providing a totally impervious coloured gloss finish.

Use on: Old & new concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds
Use where: Internal
Typical industries: Widely used in warehouses, factories, showrooms, workshops, aircraft hangars and railway depots. It is ideal for use in medical, animal or food environments
Approximate coverage: 15 kg unit - 30- 50m2 depending on profile, porosity and build required
Special features: Extremely heavy duty, chemical resistant, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, easily applied by roller, virtually solvent-free, easy clean impervious finish


Pot life:25 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature:10oC - 25oC
Cure time: Re-coat 16-36 hours @ 20oC
Light wheeled traffic - 24 hours
Full chemical resistance - 7 days
Number of parts supplied:2
Priming required:Prime surfaces with Polycote WD, ZP, DPM, OT or EP Primer

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.



Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
Recommended methods are:
Powerfloated concrete – use a Vacuum Assisted Shotblaster to remove weak laitance and provide a surface key for the coating. If this is not possible, chemically etch with Polycote Etch IT then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
Loose paint or rust – remove, using a Vacuum Assisted Shotblaster, Floor Grinder or equivalent method.
Loose or friable concrete – use a Vacuum Assisted Shot blaster. If this is not possible, chemically clean with Polycote Etch IT then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
Oil or grease – use Hot Compressed Air for large areas of contamination. Smaller, isolated deposits may be chemically cleaned with Polycote Degrease IT, then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry.
Prior to application of Flortex® Professional a suitable Polycote primer should be applied, depending on the type and condition of the surface.
Please contact Polycote technical helpline, and prepare the surface in accordance with the appropriate primer data sheet.

Having fully prepared the substrate, stir the individual components before mixing together. As pigment may 'sink', ensure that the mixing is very thorough and from the bottom of the container. Add Part 'B' to Part 'A' and thoroughly mix for at least 3 minutes. For best results use a heavy duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.
Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.

Flortex® Professional may be applied by brush, roller or squeegee, depending on the film thickness required.
It is normally applied at a rate of 0.3kg to 0.5kg per 1m2 using a roller or squeegee. When the quantity of resin used exceeds 0.5kg/m2, air bubbles may become trapped within the coating. These are removed using a Polycote Spiked Roller. This must be carried out immediately after application of the resin before curing takes place. Spiked shoes should be worn to avoid disturbing the wet coating.
To achieve a HIGH BUILD or TEXTURED finish – having applied the resin at a rate of 0.5kg to 1.0kg/m2, then gradually sprinkle Kiln Dried Aggregate onto the WET resin at a rate of 2-3kg/m2. The quantity of aggregate required will depend on the thickness of the initial coating. If a textured surface is required, all 'wet spots' must be re-covered with aggregate. Please note: spiked rolling is unnecessary for the first coat when using aggregate. Allow first coat to fully cure (preferably 24 hours) before removing all excess aggregate. A final coat of Flortex® Professional should then be applied using a roller or squeegee. The thickness of this coat may be varied depending on the finish required.


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Customer Reviews

Excellent Product - Love the finish!!
Review by J W Pitts

We had a industrial unit built and we wanted a good finish. This product was suggested to us and i must say the product is fantastic. We paid a considerable amount less than the normal RRP. They did say there was the possibility, although unlikely, that there may have some curing issues but for us it was excellent. I certainly recommend it.

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