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Easiflow VP Grout

Ultra high strength, Extremely fast hardening polyester grout.
40N/mm in 2 hrs, 80N/mm in 24 hrs. 95N/mm in 1 week.
  • Rapid return to use
  • Easily applied in wet areas, or under water
  • Excellent corrosion and vibration resistance
  • Incredible strength
  • Extremely fast curing grout
  • Non shrink formulation
  • Suitable for extremely heavy uses and for very large equipment

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Easiflow VP Grout
4.35 kg


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Easiflow VP Grout is a Portland cement based product, with good flow and non-shrink properties, designed for high early strength gain and rapid return to use.

Use on: Concrete, metal, brick, stonework, masonry and rock.
Use where: Internal/External
Typical industries: Construction
Type of job: Ideal for base plates, rail tracks, reciprocating machinery, high impact loads, starter bars and dowels. Designed to anchor bolts, rebar or other fixings into pre-drilled holes.
Approximate coverage: 4.35 kg unit - 2.5L Yield
Cure time:Standard Grade 25 mins for temperatures from 8oC - 25oC
Cure time:Extra Fast Hardening (XFH) Grade 10-15 mins for temperatures from 3oC - 12oC
Special features: High flow, non-shrink formulation, can be applied in wet areas – even under water, good vibration resistance, high strength, chloride free – can be used in contact with steel.


Pot life – Standard:18 - 22 mins @ 20oC
Pot life – XFH:8 - 12 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature:5oC to 45oC
Depth of repair (1 layer):10mm - 100mm
Fully cured strength:2 hours 40N/mm2
1 day 80N/mm2
7 days 95N/mm2
Number of parts supplied:1
Priming required:No
View FileEasiflow VP Grout Technical Data Sheet    Size: (275.93 KB) View FileEasiflow VP Grout Safety Data Sheet    Size: (182.76 KB)


Anchor Installation:
Holes and Bar Types – Holes should be drilled using rotary percussive drills with air or water flush. The drill bit should be of the integral type with an elliptical head. Holes which are diamond cored should be drilled with a rotary percussive non-flushing drill bit should be cleaned using a steel rotary brush. Loosened dust should be blown out of the hole using compressed air through an extension tube reaching to the bottom of the hole. Cast holes should taper so that the hole diameter is smaller at the mouth than the bottom.
Steel bars used for anchoring should be deformed such as those manufactured to BS 4449. Threaded bars may be used. When using smooth bars an extra safety factor should be incorporated into the anchor design.

Place part B of the Easiflow VP Grout into a plastic container or bucket. Whilst mixing, slowly add Part A and continue mixing until a uniform colour is achieved. Correct mix proportioning MUST be used to achieve the designed anchor strength.
Grout and Bar Placing – Place contents of resin can into plastic container or pail. Slowly add catalysed filler whilst mixing. Continue mixing until a uniform colour is achieved. Correct mix proportioning must be used to achieve the designed anchor strength. Pour mixed grout into prepared holes, rodding if necessary to ensure grout flows to the bottom of the hole. Once grout has been placed insert bar into hole and gently twist and press home to the required depth. The bar should be left undisturbed until the grout has hardened.
Equipment should be cleaned with Solvent prior to grout hardening.
For installations under water please consult the Polycote Technical Advice Team.


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