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Polycote Pourable Epoxy Crack Filler

Crackfiller EP100

A pourable ultra low viscosity twin pack epoxy designed to penetrate well into the crack, curing far harder than the original concrete!
  • Pourable concrete crack filler
  • Non-shrink resin formulation for total fill of crack or joint
  • Repairs cracks from 0.1mm - 10mm
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Extremely strong and fast curing
  • Fills cracks in walls and floors

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Crackfiller EP100


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Crackfiller EP100 is a solvent-free two-part epoxy resin based system with a free flowing formulation designed to penetrate cracks and gaps, rapidly achieving mechanical strength several times that of high quality concrete.

Approx coverage at 3mm x 10mm:

1kg = 33 linear metres

2.5kg = 82.5 linear metres

TIP. You may be interested to note that if the crack is extremely wide or deep, that kiln dried sand (commonly used as block paving sand) can be either poured into the hole first, leaving 5-10mm down from the top) or can be mixed in to the resin to form a type of mortar. Please do remember though that should the crack be thin, it is best to pour the resin neat so that it does indeed penetrate well into the said crack.

IMPORTANT. Is the said crack really a structural crack? If it is irregular and 'wiggly' then it is most probably a structural crack. However, if it is in a dead straight line, then it may well be a 'day joint' (a natural joint between two individually poured slabs of concrete) or even an expansion joint. If it is either of these, it is in fact very important that you fill these joints with a flexible filler, otherwise the concrete is only likely to crack again. If you are not sure perhaps you might light to see one of our very helpful guides on this subject in our expert centre - 'How to tell the difference between an expansion joint and a structural crack'.



Pot life:20 mins @ 20oC
Application room temperature:10oC - 30oC
Application substrate temperature:3oC above dew point
Application humdity:Must not exceed 80%
Initial curing time:4-6 hours
Accepts traffic:12-18 hours
Full cure:7 days
Depth of repair (1 layer):0.1mm - 400mm
Fully cured compressive strength:70N/mm2
Fully cured flexural strength:92N/mm2
Fully cured tensile strength:50N/mm2
Fully cured elastic modulus:3.4KN/mm2
VOC content:Less than 200g/l
Number of parts supplied:2
Priming required:No

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

View FileCrackfiller EP100 Technical Data Sheet    Size: (425.7 KB) View FileCrackfiller EP100 Safety Data Sheet    Size: (176.13 KB) View FileRissfüller EP100 - Technisches Datenblatt    Size: (463.66 KB)


Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
The substrate should be clean and free from dust or oil contamination. For best results the surface should be dry but Crackfiller EP100 will tolerate damp surfaces. A gas torch may help to remove oil or moisture from the surface and clean, dry compressed air may be used to blow out small cracks.

Having fully prepared the substrate, thoroughly stir the contents of Part 'A', then pour all of the hardener Part 'B' into the pot containing resin Part 'A' and mix thoroughly for several minutes using a low speed electric drill until a clear homogenous mix is obtained.
Keep all components at room temperature for 24 hours before use.

 The materials should be poured into the crack immediately after mixing, using a jug or suitable pouring vessel. A bead of caulk/sealant may be applied temporarily along each side of the crack to prevent the flow of the material onto the surrounding area. Surplus mixed material may generate considerable heat within the container at the end of the pot life. Any unused material is best mixed with sand to reduce the heat output before discarding.


Product Questions

Good day to you.

Our garage floor is concrete and measures 6.63m x 5.92m overall. It was poured in 1990. There are cracks in the top screed which appeared whilst it was curing.

The base is 200mm of C30, with weld mesh on a compacted aggregate sub base. The underlying 'soil' is essentially rock and there has been no perceivable movement since installation. So we are confident the cracks are superficial and do not extend beyond the screed.

We have completed the cleaning and degreasing but, before applying a surface coating, we wish to attend to the cracks. They vary in thickness, but most are truly microscopic, so we will need a very low viscosity resin that will penetrate by capillary action. We estimate the run of cracks extends to about 15 metres.

Could you offer suggestions please? We look forward to hearing from you.
Regards and thanks
Question by: brian lewis on 16 Jun 2015 10:29:00

Many thanks for your question. A low viscosity resin to solve this would be the Internal Crackfiller and as you have mentioned that you wish to paint the floor then i would recommend that you use either the DPM Primer or EP Primer.

If you have no plastic DPM sheeting or any damp issues then use the DPM Primer if not use the EP Primer. Both these resins will penetrate into the concrete floor and help stabilize the cracks.

Once this is done then you can use the Easi-Fil to repair the cracks and give you a smooth finish and then apply the Flortex Professional as a high builds top coat.

This minimizes the timescales as you would be roller applying the resin to prime the whole floor and addressing the cracks issue at the same time.

Please feel free to contact our technical team on 01234 846400 to discuss this in more detail.
Answer by: Stuart White (Admin) on 16 Jun 2015 10:44:00
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Never seen anything so hard
Review by Ray Allan

I've never seen anything so hard, it's just been a great success. Your advice has been excellent

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