Crack Fillers and Joint Fillers for Concrete, Asphalt and Tarmac

Fill expansion joints, wooden and concrete floor cracks and gaps in external substrates with Polycote's floor repair fillers. With curing times as short as 20 minutes, chemical and freeze thaw resistance, the crack repair products harden stronger than high quality concrete.

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  • Crackfiller EP100

    Crackfiller EP100

    From Only: £37.95
    A pourable ultra low viscosity twin pack epoxy designed to penetrate well into the crack, curing far harder than the original concrete!
  • External Crackfiller

    External Crackfiller

    From Only: £132.95
    VERY FAST curing crack / joint filler for all external substrates.

    Very tough and can be used by heavy traffic in just 30 minutes!.

  • Easi-Fil


    From Only: £52.06
    Excellent for filling of fine cracks, holes and surface imperfections. Very strong, cures in only 20 minutes and can be sanded / painted straight away.

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