Expansion Joints

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  • Jointex EP

    Jointex EP

    From Only: £135.00
    Our flagship expansion joint sealant. Extremely tough (protecting the shoulders of the joint), but still flexible to allow expansion and contraction.
  • Jointex PU

    Jointex PU

    From Only: £133.40
    Chemical resistant and with superb adhesion, this twin pack polyurethane is an extremely strong pourable joint sealant, resistant to heavy traffic.
  • Jointex SP

    Jointex SP

    From Only: £15.75
    A tough single pack polyurethane joint sealant. Flexible and chemical resistant. Used in hundreds of industrial areas. Very easy to use.
  • Jointex CSG

    Jointex CSG

    From Only: £157.86
    Joint sealant for cold stores, freezers and fridges. Cures down to -30oC.
    Very fast curing in only 1-2 hours depending upon temperature.
  • External Crackfiller

    External Crackfiller

    From Only: £132.95
    VERY FAST curing crack / joint filler for all external substrates.

    Very tough and can be used by heavy traffic in just 30 minutes!.

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