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  • Cretex EP

    Cretex EP

    Excl. Tax: £89.90 Incl. Tax: £107.88

    Incredibly strong epoxy concrete floor repair (70N/mm2). Withstands virtually any traffic (even to a feather-edge) AND an easy 1:1 mix ratio means no waste!

  • Cretex PU

    Cretex PU

    Excl. Tax: £91.80 Incl. Tax: £110.16
    Ultra tough, chemical resistant polyurethane floor repair. Easy to use. Will feather edge. Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Cretex Rapid

    Cretex Rapid

    Excl. Tax: £88.75 Incl. Tax: £106.50
    A fast curing concrete repair mortar that can adhere to damp concrete flooring. Ultra tough and cures to an incredible 50N/mm compressive strength. Non shrink formulation.
  • Cretex EP Mortar

    Cretex EP Mortar

    Excl. Tax: £194.80 Incl. Tax: £233.76
    Tough epoxy mortar, perfect for concrete patching and the repair or large concrete floor areas. Easily mixed and trowelled to both smooth and slip resistant finishes.
  • Cretex OT Mortar

    Cretex OT Mortar

    Excl. Tax: £255.27 Incl. Tax: £306.32
    For oil contaminated surfaces including both concrete and wood. Incredibly strong floor repair and resistant to heavy use / traffic
  • Cretex CR

    Cretex CR

    Excl. Tax: £98.70 Incl. Tax: £118.44
    A highly chemical resistant epoxy mortar for the repair of concrete in chemical bunds and any area subjected to chemical attack.
  • Easipatch


    Excl. Tax: £49.80 Incl. Tax: £59.76
    Lay as thin as you like! An incredibly strong pourable, fast setting resin that will achieve the full strength of concrete (40N/mm) in only 2 hours!
  • Cretex Fastset

    Cretex Fastset

    Excl. Tax: £228.50 Incl. Tax: £274.20
    An incredible fast and strong concrete floor repair. Accepts heavy traffic in 1 hour and cures 3 times stronger than concrete in only 2 hours!
  • Cretex Deepfill

    Cretex Deepfill

    Excl. Tax: £128.75 Incl. Tax: £154.50
    Fast curing, high strength concrete floor repair. A more cost effective mortar for the larger / deep holes. Withstands heavy traffic in only 3 hrs!
  • Easi-Screed Industrial

    Easi-Screed Industrial

    Excl. Tax: £64.85 Incl. Tax: £77.82
    Tough, fast setting, self levelling floor screed. Super smooth and dust free. Suitable for heavily trafficked industrial applications after only 24hrs
  • Easi-Screed Standard

    Easi-Screed Standard

    Excl. Tax: £53.90 Incl. Tax: £64.68
    Self levelling cementitious floor screed system – may be applied 2-20mm thick in one layer
  • Easi-Screed Flexible

    Easi-Screed Flexible

    Excl. Tax: £57.90 Incl. Tax: £69.48
    Highly flexible self-levelling floor screed. Excellent for where underfloor heating is present. Very easy to use. May be laid from 2-50mm thick.
  • Bondex


    Excl. Tax: £49.82 Incl. Tax: £59.78
    Highly advanced polymer latex. Simply mix with sand and cement to provide a super strong screed / repair mortar.
  • Cretex LT

    Cretex LT

    Excl. Tax: £138.50 Incl. Tax: £166.20
    Fast curing, low temperature concrete repair mortar. Mix with warm water so also excellent for damp areas, particularly entrances to freezers.
  • Cretex MC

    Cretex MC

    Excl. Tax: £148.50 Incl. Tax: £178.20
    For cold stores, freezers and fridges. Extremely fast curing concrete floor repair for very low temperatures, down to -40oc. Cures in only 1-2 hours.
  • Easi-Fil


    Excl. Tax: £38.80 Incl. Tax: £46.56
    Excellent for filling of fine cracks, holes and surface imperfections. Very strong, cures in only 20 minutes and can be sanded / painted straight away.
  • Easi-Screed External

    Easi-Screed External

    Excl. Tax: £65.90 Incl. Tax: £79.08
    The ONLY weather resistant self-levelling concrete resurfacer, that will withstand freeze/thaw cycles and stresses of weathering.

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