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  • WD Primer

    WD Primer

    From Only: £81.70
    WD Primer is a high adhesion water-dispersed epoxy primer
  • OT Primer

    OT Primer

    From Only: £107.20
    An epoxy primer manufactured to seal a dry or damp concrete floor impregnated with almost any oil or greases.
  • OT Primer XFH - Floor Primer

    OT Primer XFH - Floor Primer

    From Only: £135.90
    Extra-fast hardening with oil-binding properties, OT Primer XFH is the perfect concrete floor primer for oily surfaces. This high-quality epoxy primer is ideal for contaminated concrete floors, and is designed for open pored, damp, and oily surfaces. The OT flooring primer can be used across a variety of industries, however is perfect for heavy engineering plants and car and truck service depots.
  • DPM Primer

    DPM Primer

    From Only: £106.80
    DPM Primer is a twin pack concrete primer, 100% solids epoxy primer that is ideal for damp or wet surfaces.

    The resin includes a specialised water-repellent additive which forms a tenacious moisture barrier

  • DPM Primer XFH

    DPM Primer XFH

    From Only: £280.00
    Extra fast hardening moisture-tolerant epoxy primer for concrete
  • EPS Primer

    EPS Primer

    From Only: £80.50
    Chemical resistant epoxy primer for metalwork
  • EP Primer

    EP Primer

    From Only: £83.75
    Epoxy floor primer/dustproofer for porous substrates
  • EP Primer XFH

    EP Primer XFH

    From Only: £94.80
    Fast curing damp tolerant epoxy primer
  • EP Primer CR

    EP Primer CR

    From Only: £92.75
    100% solids high build epoxy formulation primer with excellent chemical resistance.
  • MC Primer

    MC Primer

    From Only: £131.75
    To be used with Flortex MC or Cretex MC (inc. Deepfill version), for use between -40oC to +30oC.
  • ZP Primer

    ZP Primer

    From Only: £78.65
    Specialist metal epoxy primer

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