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  • Super Stripe Athletic Linemarkers

    Super Stripe Athletic Linemarkers

    From Only: £79.80
    Linemarking paint for grass and sports areas.
  • GRP Deckgrip – Clearance

    GRP Deckgrip – Clearance

    Regular Price: £14.90

    Special Price £2.90

    Screw down anti-slip slats for wooden decks and stairs
  • Quickline EP

    Quickline EP

    From Only: £118.30
    A very fast curing single pack epoxy linemarking paint which cures in only 15-20 minutes at 20oC.
  • EPS Linemarker

    EPS Linemarker

    From Only: £114.50
    Tough and long lasting coloured epoxy linemarker – 2-3 coats from the same pot!
  • PU Linemarking Paint

    PU Linemarking Paint

    From Only: £79.88
    Tough, single pack polyurethane linemarking paint – very quick and easy!
  • Line Master Aerosol Linemarkers

    Line Master Aerosol Linemarkers

    From Only: £94.92
    Acrylic-based Paint used for applying markings to most hard surfaces, internal or external areas such as car parks, roads, playgrounds and running tracks and much more
  • Sport Coat

    Sport Coat

    From Only: £65.80
    Anti-slip coating specially developed for sports pitches – tough and long lasting.
  • Suregrip EP

    Suregrip EP

    From Only: £88.50
    Excellent solution to slip hazards that can be applied almost anywhere. Ideal for stair nosings, especially where the stair is curved etc.
  • GRP Deckgrip

    GRP Deckgrip

    From Only: £9.88
    Screw down anti-slip slats for wooden decks and stairs
  • Flexiline Rolls

    Flexiline Rolls

    From Only: £80.85
    Pre-formed thermoplastic road markings – brilliant for heavy duty exterior use.
  • Flexiline Symbols

    Flexiline Symbols

    Pre-formed thermoplastic road markings – brilliant for heavy duty exterior use.
  • PVC Floor Marking Tape

    PVC Floor Marking Tape

    From Only: £8.85
    Industrial heavy duty coloured PVC line marking tape – easy to lay with tenacious adhesion.
  • Slip Stop Marking Tape

    Slip Stop Marking Tape

    From Only: £42.95
    Slip resistant self adhesive marking tape – diamond hard including aluminum oxide.
  • Conformable Tape

    Conformable Tape

    From Only: £69.75
    Superb adhesion to raised surface patterns. Ideal for chequerplate platforms and stairways. apply using rubber mallet.
  • Aquasafe Tape

    Aquasafe Tape

    From Only: £34.75
    Anti-slip tape for wet conditions – ideal in bare foot applications.
  • Glow in the Dark Tape

    Glow in the Dark Tape

    Tough, long-lasting tape for 24/7 environments.
  • Glow in the Dark Treads

    Glow in the Dark Treads

    From Only: £7.87
    Anti-slip PVC reflective stair treads
  • Stencil Kits

    Stencil Kits

    Tough, re-useable road marking stencils
  • a

    Slip Stop Tape Primer - 1L

    From Only: £17.80
    Primer for porous, dusty or gritty surfaces, for use prior to application of Slip Stop Tape.
  • a

    Slip Stop Edge Sealer - 140ml

    From Only: £10.50
    Seal and strengthen the edge of your taped areas with our Slip Stop Tape Edge Sealer.
  • Flexiline Tack Coat

    Flexiline Tack Coat

    From Only: £16.89
    Flexiline tack coat is used to improve adhesion and create a tough, long lasting solution to linemarking.

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