Line Marking Flooring Treatments, Tapes and Paints

"For professional line marking requirements, Polycote supply a full range of treatments, tapes and paints suitable for interior and exterior use. For slip free stairs, ramps and walkways, try our range of treads and technical resins which add grip to any surface. For tough and long lasting lines which are quick and easy to apply, try linemarking paint supplied as pots or aerosol sprays. These have indoor applications such as factories, warehouses, hospitals, sports halls, studios and storage facilities, or can be used outdoors on roads, cycle paths, school playgrounds, car parks and oil rigs along with many others. If your linemarking need is temporary, our flexible tapes and markers are available in anti slip, glow in the dark, hazard markings and logo varieties."

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  • Super Stripe Athletic Linemarkers

    Super Stripe Athletic Linemarkers

    From Only: £79.80
    Linemarking paint for grass and sports areas.
  • GRP Deckgrip – Clearance

    GRP Deckgrip – Clearance

    Regular Price: £14.90

    Special Price £2.90

    Screw down anti-slip slats for wooden decks and stairs. Instant and permanent anti-slip safety, pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy installation. GRP Deckgrip is a durable, long lasting solution and can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • Sport Coat – Clearance

    Sport Coat – Clearance

    Regular Price: £75.75

    Special Price £21.50

    Anti-slip coating specially developed for sports pitches – tough and long lasting. Includes special adhesion promoters for tenacious adhesion to bituminous surfaces. Contains fungicide and algicide
  • Quickline EP

    Quickline EP

    From Only: £118.30
    A very fast curing single pack epoxy linemarking paint which cures in only 15-20 minutes at 20oC.
  • EPS Linemarker

    EPS Linemarker

    From Only: £114.50
    Tough and long lasting coloured epoxy linemarker – 2-3 coats from the same pot!
  • PU Linemarking Paint

    PU Linemarking Paint

    From Only: £79.88
    Tough, single pack polyurethane linemarking paint – very quick and easy!
  • Line Master Aerosol Linemarkers

    Line Master Aerosol Linemarkers

    From Only: £94.92
    Acrylic-based Paint used for applying markings to most hard surfaces, internal or external areas such as car parks, roads, playgrounds and running tracks and much more
  • Sport Coat

    Sport Coat

    From Only: £65.80
    Anti-slip coating specially developed for sports pitches – tough and long lasting.
  • Suregrip EP

    Suregrip EP

    From Only: £88.50
    Excellent solution to slip hazards that can be applied almost anywhere. Ideal for stair nosings, especially where the stair is curved etc.
  • GRP Deckgrip

    GRP Deckgrip

    From Only: £9.88
    Screw down anti-slip slats for wooden decks and stairs
  • Flexiline Rolls

    Flexiline Rolls

    From Only: £80.85
    Pre-formed thermoplastic road markings – brilliant for heavy duty exterior use.
  • Flexiline Symbols

    Flexiline Symbols

    Pre-formed thermoplastic road markings – brilliant for heavy duty exterior use.
  • PVC Floor Marking Tape

    PVC Floor Marking Tape

    From Only: £8.85
    Industrial heavy duty coloured PVC line marking tape – easy to lay with tenacious adhesion.
  • Slip Stop Marking Tape

    Slip Stop Marking Tape

    From Only: £42.95
    Slip resistant self adhesive marking tape – diamond hard including aluminum oxide.
  • Conformable Tape

    Conformable Tape

    From Only: £69.75
    Superb adhesion to raised surface patterns. Ideal for chequerplate platforms and stairways. apply using rubber mallet.
  • Aquasafe Tape

    Aquasafe Tape

    From Only: £34.75
    Anti-slip tape for wet conditions – ideal in bare foot applications.
  • Glow in the Dark Tape

    Glow in the Dark Tape

    Tough, long-lasting tape for 24/7 environments.
  • Glow in the Dark Treads

    Glow in the Dark Treads

    From Only: £7.87
    Anti-slip PVC reflective stair treads
  • Stencil Kits

    Stencil Kits

    Tough, re-useable road marking stencils
  • a

    Slip Stop Tape Primer - 1L

    From Only: £17.80
    Primer for porous, dusty or gritty surfaces, for use prior to application of Slip Stop Tape.
  • a

    Slip Stop Edge Sealer - 140ml

    From Only: £10.50
    Seal and strengthen the edge of your taped areas with our Slip Stop Tape Edge Sealer.
  • Flexiline Tack Coat

    Flexiline Tack Coat

    From Only: £16.89
    Flexiline tack coat is used to improve adhesion and create a tough, long lasting solution to linemarking.

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