Floor Preparation

Browse our wide range of chemical cleaning products, industrial grade floor cleaners, and heavy duty mechanical floor preparation tools for hire. These products are able to tackle any flooring renovation project, and clean dirt, dust and heavy grease and oils.

Our chemical range includes everything from acid etch, biodegradable degreaser to heavy duty surface cleaners and tyre rubber remover.

Our mechanical preparation includes an entire range of vacuum assisted diamond grinder, shotblaster, scabbler, STR Machine, Twin Headed Diamond Grinder to name but a few.

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  • Wire Brush Block

    Wire Brush Block

    For removal of flaky paint, rust, hard grease etc. from any floor surface.
  • Scabbler/Floor Planer Hire

    Scabbler/Floor Planer Hire

    Industrial heavy duty scabbler capable of preparing large areas of rough, pitted and power floated concrete, prior to painting or screeding.
  • HD Cleaner

    HD Cleaner

    Powerful heavy duty floor cleaner with a safe, natural formula.
  • a

    Vacuum Assisted Shot Blasting

    Professional shot blasting floor preparation service. Powerful vacuum and virtually dust free operation. Removes all loose / friable material.
  • High Speed Diamond Grinder

    High Speed Diamond Grinder

    Industrial heavy duty grinder capable of preparing large areas of rough, pitted and power floated concrete, prior to painting or screeding.
  • Hand Held Diamond Grinder

    Hand Held Diamond Grinder

    Mechanical removal of paints and adhesives
  • STR Floor Scarifier Hire

    STR Floor Scarifier Hire

    For heavy duty removal of paint, compacted residues and grease
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum

    Heavy Duty Vacuum

    Heavy duty vacuum for use in conjunction with grinders for a dust free operation.
  • a

    Wand for Vacuum

    Wand for use with heavy duty vacuum
  • Etch IT

    Etch IT

    From Only: £29.80
    Acid-based etching solution for surface preparation – etches almost any surface.
  • Degrease IT

    Degrease IT

    From Only: £29.58
    Powerful degreaser for surface preparation – ideal for removal of heavy grease, oils and fats.
  • Destroy IT Fungicidal Wash

    Destroy IT Fungicidal Wash

    Fungicidal wash solution – ideal to prevent regrowth of algae and similar weeds on roofs, walls, ceilings and masonry.

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