Why Choose Polycote?

Industrial floor paint

Polycote understands that having the correct flooring system is an important part of your business.

The industrial & commercial floor is literally the basis of any service and therefore plays a major role in the maintenance of buildings, working conditions and hygiene.
Polycote notes that wth the constant changes and advancements in productions, our floor treatments increasingly have to meet these requirements. 

A damaged floor or one which is installed incorrectly can reduce efficiency, cause personal injury and lead to unpleasant and unhygienic working conditions.
There is also a high cost of reinstalling a floor, in terms of disruption, inconvenience and loss of production, making it more important to get the right floor the first time.

Polycote manufactures a wide range of flooring products, providing a complete tailored solution with the market leading products. 

Utilising our extensive range of products, combined with the expert knowledge and experience of our people, Polycote strives to deliver an innovative and value-driven solution.
Ensuring that our customers always comes first, Polycote will develop a tailored flooring solution for any project, adding value and becoming more than just a maintenance and materials supplier.

Combining 25 years of experience of floor repairs and floor coatings throughout the UK, Polycote offers a complete flooring solution from design to installation.

  • Cost effective, project specific solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio
  • Easily applied systems
  • Proven technologies ensuring long-term performance
  • Expert technical advice and customer services

We are built on the belief that providing you with the perfect solution will not only be very cost-effective, but it will also ensure that the frequency of maintenance is a lot less required.

From the initial visit to final installation, as resin flooring experts we are with you every step of the way - get in touch with us!

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From garage floor coatings to concrete floor polishing, you will discover that we offer a wide array of high-performance epoxy resin floors designed for every need in every industry. Our extensive collection of flooring systems offers the features you need to look good and perform at your peak in perfect safety. With accidents and injuries only too common, smart flooring choices are an essential part of minimising risk and protecting both staff and the public at your premises.



We have 25 years of experience in manufacturing and application of roofing, walls and flooring products.


Superior Quality

We manufacture our own resins which enable us to be competitive without compromising on quality.



Competitive Rates

All our materials are thoroughly checked using our stringent quality management system.


Free Consultation

For your free, no obligation quote call us on 01234846400, email uksales@polycote.com  or fill in our form.



All of our employees are fully trained to a very high standard to ensure projects meet your expectations.



We work hard in ensuring the safety of our employees and customers.

Choosing Polycote Guarantees...

 Reduced downtime for your staff and your workspace
Selecting the optimum choice of machinery and products to complete your project – our skilled team will be able to hand over your finished space in good time, so you can get back to work.
 Avoidance of significant machinery hire costs
Our quotation will include the use of all required specialist machinery.
 Achievement of a long lasting professional finish
The longer your maintenance job lasts – the more cost effective the solution. With many years of experience, our team can meet your requirements for a highly professional, durable finish that is fit for purpose.

Time saved by undertaking the project planning task
We will complete all the required paperwork and coordinate all the materials, machinery and personnel to be in the right place at the right time – so you don’t have to.

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How it works

1  Request a FREE quote
Our friendly Sales & Technical team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements
2  Site Survey
A Technical Advisor will arrange to visit you to complete a FREE site survey
3  Detailed Quotation
A competitive quote for our products, design and service will be provided
4  Acceptance of Contract
A Technical Advisor will prepare a project plan. A risk, health and safety assessment will be conducted.
5  Project Management
A Project Manager will communicate with you, the Contracts Manager and Contracts Team leader to ensure the project goes according to plan
6  Job Completion/After Care
On project completion, a Sales and Technical advisor will assist you with after-care advice to help prolong the life of your installation.

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