Brush & Rubber Strips

We have a full range of brush and rubber strips to reduce draughts around doors and windows. With a brush length ranging from 12mm to 300mm and three different angled aluminium carriers - 45°, 90° and 180°, we can provide excellent cover and protect in almost any situation. We also supply roller shutter brushes for the vertical edges of industrial shutters along with Concertina Brush kits for the old (and always very draughty) concertina doors!

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  • 180° Brush Strips

    180° Brush Strips

    180o superior brush strips for draught and pest control – improves working environment by reducing dust, noise and fumes.
  • 90° Brush Strips

    90° Brush Strips

    90o superior brush strips for draught and pest control – very quick and easy to fit!
  • 45° Brush Strips

    45° Brush Strips

    45o superior brush strips for draught and pest control – totally weather resistant and maintenance free.
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    Roller Shutter Brush Seals & Rubber Bump Strips

    Professionally designed roller shutter brush seals and rubber bump strips for overhead doors & shutters. Forms a watertight seal between the roller shutter and the floor. Perfect for draught exclusion and keeping your environment clean and dry. Roller shutter door seals can also keep unwanted pests at bay!
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    Rubber Strips

    Tough EPDM rubber suitable for doors, machinery, etc. – with high quality aluminium extruded carriers.
  • Concertina Door Brush Kits

    Concertina Door Brush Kits

    Superior brush strips for draught and pest control

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