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  • Wetterflex BG

    Wetterflex BG

    Excl. Tax: £69.80 Incl. Tax: £83.76
    An instant repair brush-grade flexible roof paint designed for providing roofs with an immediate waterproof coating.
  • Poloflex Premier Grade

    Poloflex Premier Grade

    Excl. Tax: £214.60 Incl. Tax: £257.52
    Advanced butyl rubber water proofing compound
  • Solarflex Premier Grade

    Solarflex Premier Grade

    Excl. Tax: £239.75 Incl. Tax: £287.70
    Solar reflective roof coating
  • Acraflex Standard

    Acraflex Standard

    Excl. Tax: £64.90 Incl. Tax: £77.88
    Acraflex is a high-quality waterproof single-coat roof coating that can be applied during damp weather conditions and still provide a long term solution to waterproofing problems, including flat roof repair.
  • Acraflex High Build

    Acraflex High Build

    Excl. Tax: £70.50 Incl. Tax: £84.60
    Fibre-reinforced solvent-based acrylic waterproof roof coating
  • Acraflex RG

    Acraflex RG

    Excl. Tax: £76.85 Incl. Tax: £92.22
    A single pack pigmented rubber based roof coating
  • Acraflex Non-Slip Roof Paint

    Acraflex Non-Slip Roof Paint

    Excl. Tax: £74.95 Incl. Tax: £89.94
    Advanced non-slip roof coating
  • Roof Tile Coat

    Roof Tile Coat

    Excl. Tax: £168.75 Incl. Tax: £202.50
    A solution to unsightly roofs at a fraction of the cost.
  • Balcony Coat

    Balcony Coat

    Excl. Tax: £29.89 Incl. Tax: £35.87
    An incredibly tough waterproofing single pack polyurethane – UV resistant non yellowing formulation.
  • Aquadec


    Excl. Tax: £204.50 Incl. Tax: £245.40
    A tough, highly flexible 100% waterproof, slip resistant finish, ideal for balconies and car parks
  • Polydex


    Excl. Tax: £78.70 Incl. Tax: £94.44
    Incredible metal coating with over 200% elasticity
  • Rustex


    Excl. Tax: £42.50 Incl. Tax: £51.00
    Corrosion-reactive, ultra tough water-based metal primer
  • Stormtex


    Excl. Tax: £126.90 Incl. Tax: £152.28
    Acrylated rubber paint for exterior metal cladding – tough anti-corrosion protection.
  • Clearguard UVR

    Clearguard UVR

    Excl. Tax: £187.90 Incl. Tax: £225.48
    A clear, light stable coating for roof and skylights.

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