Safety Floor Treads, Non Slip Stair Plates and Security Barriers

Ensure your flooring, stairs and walkways are hazard free with Polycote's range of safety paints, tapes, treads and security products. For car parks and yards, mark out key areas with linemarking sprays, tarmac paints, symbol stencils and non slip coatings. On steps and stairs, add durable treads and nosings to suit metal factory steps or public and domestic stone steps. With a diverse range of step nosings including PVC, self adhesive, glow in the dark and aluminium, you can find the best non-slip solution for your surface and purpose. For safety in factories, warehouses and industrial areas, install access barriers, roller shutters and trolley posts to protect personell, stock and machinery and for site safety ensure you are ready for bad weather with a Rock Salt and Grit Bin Kit.

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  • Quickline EP

    Quickline EP

    From Only: £118.30
    A very fast curing single pack epoxy linemarking paint which cures in only 15-20 minutes at 20oC.
  • Duragrip GRP Nosings - Clearance

    Duragrip GRP Nosings - Clearance

    Gritted non-slip step nosings – ultra tough resin bonded grit – for new build installations.
  • Duragrip Anti-Slip Sheet

    Duragrip Anti-Slip Sheet

    From Only: £74.85
    Heavy duty anti-slip sheet – durable and ready to use
  • Duragrip Stair Treads

    Duragrip Stair Treads

    From Only: £28.46
    Durable non-slip tread surfacing – high impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Duragrip Stone Treads

    Duragrip Stone Treads

    From Only: £29.94
    Stone colour stair treads, for a weather resistant and highly effective slip-resistant surface. Excellent for period houses and those with preservation orders.
  • GRP Deckgrip

    GRP Deckgrip

    From Only: £9.88
    Screw down anti-slip slats for wooden decks and stairs
  • Duragrip GRP Nosings

    Duragrip GRP Nosings

    From Only: £11.60
    Gritted non-slip step nosings – ultra tough resin bonded grit – for new build installations.
  • Duragrip Glow in the Dark GRP Nosings

    Duragrip Glow in the Dark GRP Nosings

    From Only: £16.94
    Gritted non-slip glow in the dark step nosings – preventing expensive crashes.
  • Duragrip Flexible PVC Nosing

    Duragrip Flexible PVC Nosing

    From Only: £26.90
    Flexible PVC nosings – high durability and cost effective.
  • Duragrip PVCu Rigid Stair Nosings

    Duragrip PVCu Rigid Stair Nosings

    From Only: £35.80
    Cost effective stair nosings – hardwearing & slip resistant
  • Softread Aluminium Nosings

    Softread Aluminium Nosings

    From Only: £21.77
    Aluminium nosing giving a safe, stylish and durable finish – with a Softread infill.
  • Aluminium Bolt Down Anti Slip Plates

    Aluminium Bolt Down Anti Slip Plates

    From Only: £19.50
    Easy-to-install, weatherproof, instant non-slip surface
  • PVC Treads

    PVC Treads

    From Only: £3.86
    Anti-slip self-adhesive treads – totally weatherproof from
    –30oC to +70oC.
  • Conformable Treads

    Conformable Treads

    From Only: £6.76
    Non-slip treads for embossed surfaces – long lasting and extremely hard wearing.
  • Caution Treads

    Caution Treads

    From Only: £6.10
    Anti slip warning treads – PVC self adhesive, easy to install.
  • Glow in the Dark Treads

    Glow in the Dark Treads

    From Only: £7.87
    Anti-slip PVC reflective stair treads
  • Duragrip Anti-Slip Spray

    Duragrip Anti-Slip Spray

    Anti-slip aerosol spray – touch dry in only 30 mins, completely dry in 2 hours!
  • PVC Floor Marking Tape

    PVC Floor Marking Tape

    From Only: £8.85
    Industrial heavy duty coloured PVC line marking tape – easy to lay with tenacious adhesion.
  • Glow in the Dark Tape

    Glow in the Dark Tape

    Tough, long-lasting tape for 24/7 environments.
  • Stencil Kits

    Stencil Kits

    Tough, re-useable road marking stencils
  • Cemcoat Concrete Smoothing Coating

    Cemcoat Concrete Smoothing Coating

    From Only: £72.50
    Smooth out spalled, roughly tamped and worn concrete with this tough, fast curing, slip resistant cement based coating. Suitable for concrete and asphalt
  • Flexiline Rolls

    Flexiline Rolls

    From Only: £80.85
    Pre-formed thermoplastic road markings – brilliant for heavy duty exterior use.
  • Flexiline Symbols

    Flexiline Symbols

    Pre-formed thermoplastic road markings – brilliant for heavy duty exterior use.
  • EPS Linemarker

    EPS Linemarker

    From Only: £114.50
    Tough and long lasting coloured epoxy linemarker – 2-3 coats from the same pot!
  • PU Linemarking Paint

    PU Linemarking Paint

    From Only: £79.88
    Tough, single pack polyurethane linemarking paint – very quick and easy!
  • Securidor – Oval Link

    Securidor – Oval Link

    With a heart of steel, Securidor™ provides superior strength and resistance to attack. The galvanised and powder coated steel ensures a corrosion resistant and maintenance free surface.
  • Securidor – Straight Link

    Securidor – Straight Link

    With a heart of steel, Securidor™ provides superior strength and resistance to attack. The galvanised and powder coated steel ensures a corrosion resistant and maintenance free surface.
  • Securigate Standard

    Securigate Standard

    A quick and easy access barrier, requiring no top or bottom track – fitted quickly and easily in minutes.
  • Securigate FX

    Securigate FX

    A trackless access barrier suitable for fire escapes – meets all legal requirements for emergency exits.
  • Securigate Trolley Posts

    Securigate Trolley Posts

    Trolley posts, for self supporting Securigate™ barriers.
  • Rollaguard®


    Rollaguard® – the professional's choice for high security. a full range of security shutters for every requirement – made to measure – fast.
  • PB Floor Paint

    PB Floor Paint

    From Only: £59.85
    Designed with the latest resin technology, PB Floor Paint is a durable and hardwearing commercial floor paint with good oil and chemical resistance. It can be used in a variety of industries, including warehouses, factories, hotels, farms, and garages.
  • Flortex SG

    Flortex SG

    From Only: £86.70
    Flortex SG is Industrial grade epoxy floor coating. Harder wearing than single pack paints, impervious and easier to clean.
  • Flortex EP

    Flortex EP

    From Only: £104.80
    Flortex EP is an extremely hard wearing epoxy floor coating from the Flortex range with an extremely high build
  • Flortex EP XFH

    Flortex EP XFH

    From Only: £119.80
    An extra fast curing, 100% solids epoxy formulation
  • Flortex Chemical Coat

    Flortex Chemical Coat

    From Only: £110.00
    A non-toxic two part 100% solids solvent-free epoxy resin – use Flortex Chemical Coat for the highest chemical resistance.
  • Flortex Mezicoat

    Flortex Mezicoat

    From Only: £93.80
    A highly durable epoxy for mezzanine / suspended floors – Flortex Mezicoat offers chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Flortex EPS

    Flortex EPS

    From Only: £127.55
    Rapid curing solvent based epoxy coating with long pot life
  • Flortex Flexiset SP

    Flortex Flexiset SP

    From Only: £98.96
    A flexible polyurethane, single pack paint which is hard wearing with good chemical resistance.
  • Flortex Flexiset

    Flortex Flexiset

    From Only: £232.00
    Flexible high build epoxy coating for asphalt / flexible flooring substrates
  • Suregrip EP Anti Slip Floor Grip Coating

    Suregrip EP Anti Slip Floor Grip Coating

    From Only: £88.50
    Excellent solution to slip hazards that can be applied almost anywhere. Ideal for stair nosings, especially where the stair is curved etc.
  • Quickcoat EP

    Quickcoat EP

    From Only: £129.90
    Ultra fast drying tarmac paint – tack free in only 20 mins.
  • External Floor Paint

    External Floor Paint

    From Only: £67.75
    With a tough yet flexible formation, Polycote’s External Floor Paint is built to withstand the demands of the industrial environment. Our fast-drying polyurethane outdoor floor paint can be applied quickly and is extremely easy to use. Can be supplied in an anti-slip variation.
  • Drive Coat

    Drive Coat

    From Only: £65.15
    Our popular Drive Coat is a tough anti-skid acrylic road and driveway paint. It’s guaranteed to transform driveways, cycle paths, sports track, and other light traffic areas. The high-quality water-based acrylic driveway paint has a long-lasting, slip-resistant finish that will last for years to come.
  • Sport Coat

    Sport Coat

    From Only: £65.80
    Anti-slip coating specially developed for sports pitches – tough and long lasting.
  • Slip Grip Non-Slip Floor Coating

    Slip Grip Non-Slip Floor Coating

    From Only: £217.80
    Non-slip coating for areas of severe slip hazards. A thickly applied 100% solids resin with tenacious grip.
  • Pebbletex – Pebble Resin Floor

    Pebbletex – Pebble Resin Floor

    From Only: £262.45
    Our iconic pebble resin floor solution, Pebbletex is SUDS compliant and exceptionally hardwearing. The pebble finish is perfect for driveways, car parks, and more, and comes in a range of colours, so you can find something that suits your style. The decorative stones are applied to the surface with an extremely tough polyurethane resin, which is built to withstand the demands of everyday life and last the test of time.
  • Bird Spikes

    Bird Spikes

    From Only: £6.95
    Totally harmless yet instantly and permanently deters pigeons and gulls – extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Duragrid


    Extremely tough non-slip and chemical resistant GRP grating – non corrosive.
  • Complete Rock Salt Kit

    Complete Rock Salt Kit

    From Only: £166.00
    The full kit to fulfill all your requirements – everything you will need.

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