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  • Aquaguard SPC

    Aquaguard SPC

    From Only: £96.65
    High performance, highly flexible waterproof coating for swimming pools. Also excellent for ponds and livestock feeding troughs.
  • GRP Wall Cladding Sheets

    GRP Wall Cladding Sheets

    From Only: £70.95
    Extremely tough, ultra clean cladding panel – very resistant to abrasion, stains and chemicals.
  • Panelite Satin PVC Wall Cladding

    Panelite Satin PVC Wall Cladding

    From Only: £42.75
    Professional Satin PVC wall cladding system
  • Polypropylene Wall Cladding Sheets

    Polypropylene Wall Cladding Sheets

    From Only: £38.75
    Low cost, general cladding – ideal for low temperature use.
  • Aquaguard SPC Diluting Agent

    Aquaguard SPC Diluting Agent

    To be used for thinning the first coat of Aquaguard SPC when applied to bare concrete
  • HyGlaze WD

    HyGlaze WD

    From Only: £75.90
    Self priming, high solid content, water-dispersed epoxy wall coating – easy application by roller.
  • HyGlaze EP

    HyGlaze EP

    From Only: £97.00
    High build pure epoxy wall coating providing an easy clean coloured gloss finish that will not allow mould or fungal growth.
  • HyGlaze Bund Coat

    HyGlaze Bund Coat

    From Only: £104.85
    Chemical resistant epoxy wall coating – as chemical resistant as you need it, we supply what you want!!!
  • HyGlaze ABC

    HyGlaze ABC

    From Only: £114.60
    Anti-bacterial wall coating with bacteriocidal protection – actively kills bacteria.
  • Stormcoat ARM

    Stormcoat ARM

    From Only: £79.80
    High performance acrylated rubber paint. Resistant to pressure washing and wind driven rain.
    Showerproof in only 30 minutes.
  • Wallflex HB

    Wallflex HB

    From Only: £75.90
    Wallflex is a highly protective and decorative coating that has been developed using our latest technological advancements.
  • Stoneguard


    From Only: £80.80
    An incredible Invisible penetrating masonry waterproofer
  • Aquaguard


    From Only: £68.40
    Liquid membrane waterproofing for floors and walls – withstands equivalent of 20m head of positive water pressure.
  • Aquatex


    From Only: £69.80
    Cement based waterproof wall coating – withstands equivalent of 5m head of negative water pressure.
  • Graffitex


    From Only: £100.32
    Highly effective water-based anti graffiti coating
  • Stormtex


    From Only: £96.75
    Acrylated rubber paint for exterior metal cladding – tough anti-corrosion protection.
  • Colormet Ultra – Water Based 2.5L

    Colormet Ultra – Water Based 2.5L

    From Only: £69.50
    Rust preventative water based metal finish
  • Colormet Ultra - Solvent Based 2.5L

    Colormet Ultra - Solvent Based 2.5L

    From Only: £62.60
    Rust preventative solvent based metal finish
  • Colormet Adhesion Primer Water Based 2.5L

    Colormet Adhesion Primer Water Based 2.5L

    From Only: £50.95
    Adhesion promoting primer
  • Colormet Anti-Corrosion Primer – Solvent Based 2.5L

    Colormet Anti-Corrosion Primer – Solvent Based 2.5L

    From Only: £60.60
    Anti-corrosion primer
  • Colormet Adhesion Primer Solvent Based 750ml

    Colormet Adhesion Primer Solvent Based 750ml

    From Only: £45.85
    Excellent metal primer suitable for almost any metal surface.
  • Division Bar - 1 Piece 'H' Section

    Division Bar - 1 Piece 'H' Section

    A division bar to cover & seal vertical joints to prevent bacteria & dirt.
  • Division Bar - 2 Piece Universal

    Division Bar - 2 Piece Universal

    For joins in cladding sheets – a universal 2 piece kit.
  • Internal Angle Section

    Internal Angle Section

    Internal angle cladding profile – covers & finishes corners where wall panels meet.
  • Internal Corner Section

    Internal Corner Section

    Coving for internal wall corners – easy clean, one piece.
  • External Angle Section

    External Angle Section

    External angle cladding profile – covers & finishes corners where wall panels meet.
  • External Corner Section

    External Corner Section

    Finishes external corners pleasingly - manufactured from highly durable PVC
  • Capping Strip

    Capping Strip

    For a neat professional finish around terminal edges of wall cladding.
  • GRP Ceiling Tiles

    GRP Ceiling Tiles

    From Only: £68.71
    Ceiling cladding tiles made from GRP – extremely tough & long lasting.
  • Ceiling Cladding Planks

    Ceiling Cladding Planks

    From Only: £73.80
    Satin PVC interlocking planks – will withstand the most rigorous cleaning routines.
  • Ceiling Cladding Edge Trim

    Ceiling Cladding Edge Trim

    Creates a close fitting support channel around perimeter of ceiling, into which the edges of the planks are inserted.
  • Ceiling Cladding Batten

    Ceiling Cladding Batten

    Forms a tough dimensionally stable grid onto which the panels are attached.
  • Division Bar

    Division Bar

    For joining panels end-to-end where ceiling span exceeds the length of the plank.
  • 2 Piece Coving

    2 Piece Coving

    Coving with flexible edges for effective seal – no silicone required.
  • PVC Skirting

    PVC Skirting

    UV stabilised PVC skirting with flexible edges for an effective hygienic seal.
  • Cove Form EP

    Cove Form EP

    From Only: £84.75
    Hygienic coving mortar
  • Cretex Rapid

    Cretex Rapid

    From Only: £81.62
    A fast curing concrete repair mortar that can adhere to damp concrete flooring. Ultra tough and cures to an incredible 50N/mm compressive strength. Non shrink formulation.
  • Cretex CR

    Cretex CR

    From Only: £92.80
    A highly chemical resistant epoxy mortar for the repair of concrete in chemical bunds and any area subjected to chemical attack.
  • Easi-Fil


    From Only: £34.35
    Excellent for filling of fine cracks, holes and surface imperfections. Very strong, cures in only 20 minutes and can be sanded / painted straight away.
  • Bondex


    From Only: £45.92
    Highly advanced polymer latex. Simply mix with sand and cement to provide a super strong screed / repair mortar.
  • Single Pack Adhesive

    Single Pack Adhesive

    Easy-to-use single pack adhesive – achieves tenacious bond.
  • FRP Fast Grab Adhesive

    FRP Fast Grab Adhesive

    From Only: £126.90
    Fast, solvent free trowel applied adhesive
  • PVC Drive Rivets

    PVC Drive Rivets

    A secure mechanical fixing – ideal for flaking or uneven surfaces.
  • Food Safe Silicone Sealant

    Food Safe Silicone Sealant

    Watertight silicone sealant
  • Cretex LM

    Cretex LM

    From Only: £70.85
    An incredible non slump lightweight mortar, designed specifically for overhead and vertical repairs up to 75mm thick in one layer
  • Cretex LM Primer

    Cretex LM Primer

    From Only: £27.75
    A primer to seal porous surfaces prior to application of Cretex LM - a lightweight mortar used for vertical and overhead concrete repairs.

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