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  • Cretex PU

    Cretex PU

    From Only: £84.50
    Ultra tough, chemical resistant polyurethane floor repair. Easy to use. Will feather edge. Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Cove Form EP

    Cove Form EP

    From Only: £84.75
    Hygienic coving mortar for internal cornices and ceiling moulding
  • Cretex Rapid

    Cretex Rapid

    From Only: £81.62
    A fast curing concrete repair mortar that can adhere to damp concrete flooring. Ultra tough and cures to an incredible 50N/mm compressive strength. Non shrink formulation.
  • PVC Skirting Lengths and Corner Sections

    PVC Skirting Lengths and Corner Sections

    UV stabilised PVC skirting with flexible edges for an effective hygienic seal.
  • 2 Piece Coving

    2 Piece Coving

    Coving with flexible edges for effective seal – no silicone required.
  • Cretex CR

    Cretex CR

    From Only: £92.80
    A highly chemical resistant epoxy mortar for the repair of concrete in chemical bunds and any area subjected to chemical attack.

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