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  • Aquaguard SPC

    Aquaguard SPC

    From Only: £96.65
    High performance, highly flexible waterproof coating for swimming pools. Also excellent for ponds and livestock feeding troughs.
  • Stormcoat - Clearance

    Stormcoat - Clearance

    Regular Price: £68.90

    Special Price £34.45

    Flexible and long lasting acrylic-based waterproof exterior paint
  • Stormcoat ARM

    Stormcoat ARM

    From Only: £79.80
    High performance acrylated rubber paint. Resistant to pressure washing and wind driven rain.
    Showerproof in only 30 minutes.
  • HyGlaze WD

    HyGlaze WD

    From Only: £75.90
    Self priming, high solid content, water-dispersed epoxy wall coating – easy application by roller.
  • HyGlaze EP

    HyGlaze EP

    From Only: £97.00
    High build pure epoxy wall coating providing an easy clean coloured gloss finish that will not allow mould or fungal growth.
  • HyGlaze ABC

    HyGlaze ABC

    From Only: £114.60
    Anti-bacterial wall coating with bacteriocidal protection – actively kills bacteria.
  • HyGlaze Bund Coat

    HyGlaze Bund Coat

    From Only: £104.85
    Chemical resistant epoxy wall coating – as chemical resistant as you need it, we supply what you want!!!
  • Colormet Ultra – Water Based 2.5L

    Colormet Ultra – Water Based 2.5L

    From Only: £69.50
    Rust preventative water based metal finish
  • Colormet Ultra - Solvent Based 2.5L

    Colormet Ultra - Solvent Based 2.5L

    From Only: £62.60
    Rust preventative solvent based metal finish

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