Industrial Floor Paints

 Browse our wide range of industrial flooring solutions and floor paints for interior and exterior flooring needs, including road markings, epoxy resin floor paints, and floor paints suitable for warehouses, garages, commercial kitchens, schools, car parks and many other commercial and industrial environments.

Flortex Professional
Heavy Duty Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint

Wetterflex BG Flexible
Waterproof Roof Paint

PB Floor Paint
High Solids Polyurethane Floor Paint

Our best seller, Flortex Professional is an extremely heavy duty two part 100% solids epoxy concrete floor paint incorporating quality high build fillers, providing a totally impervious coloured gloss finish.

Wetterflex BG is an instant repair brush-grade flexible roof paint designed for providing roofs with an immediate waterproof coating. It can be used in commercial, industrial and domestic flat roofs that need general maintenance and patching.

Formulated from the latest resin technology, PB Floor Paint is incredibly tough and long lasting with good oil and chemical resistance. It can be used in a variety of industries, including warehouses, factories, and garages.

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The UK's leading manufacturer & supplier of industrial floor paints, coatings, concrete floor repair materials and maintenance products


Polycote UK supply an entire range of specialist building maintenance products, many of which are totally unique. Our practical knowledge of the building maintenance market has enabled us to engineer a range of wall, floor and roof coating products designed to make maintenance easier for you. Our paints, coatings and repair materials are suitable for large industrial applications, small residential and personal projects and commercial maintenance. From epoxy resins to liquid screeds and primers to cladding, Polycote products are guaranteed to meet the manufacturing specifications you require. Choose from:

We are fully ISO 9001:2015 accredited – ensuring product quality and excellence in customer service.


Commercial & Domestic Garage Floor Coating Kit

From Only: £349.90

These kits are designed to provide you a very quick and easy guide to the best products for your garage floor. They are made up using our best selling products and we are absolutely confident they are suitable for almost any garage floor coating application. The finish floor coating will be ultra tough, chemical resistant and long-lasting so you can reassured that you have a quality solution for your floor.


WD Primer

From Only: £92.90

WD Primer is a high adhesion water-dispersed epoxy primer offering a high bond strength to all substrates.


Drive Coat

From Only: £78.90

Our popular Drive Coat is a tough anti-skid acrylic road and driveway paint. It’s guaranteed to transform driveways, cycle paths, sports track, and other light traffic areas. The high-quality water-based acrylic driveway paint has a long-lasting, slip-resistant finish that will last for years to come.


Wetterflex BG Flexible Roof Coating Paint

From Only: £71.50

An instant repair brush-grade flexible roof paint designed for providing roofs with an immediate waterproof coating.


Crackfiller EP100

From Only: £42.80

A pourable ultra low viscosity twin pack epoxy designed to penetrate well into the crack, curing far harder than the original concrete!


Cretex OT Mortar

From Only: £255.27

Floor repair mortar for oil contaminated surfaces including both concrete and wood. Incredibly strong floor repair and resistant to heavy use / traffic


Use Our Contractor Services

Polycote offers a wide range of industrial floor paints, epoxy resin floor coatings, remodelling and concrete repair solutions.

Whether you need a durable floor coating, moisture resistant roof coating, a slip resistant stair coating, an impact resistant and hard-wearing floor coating, or you would simply like a decorative coating, we have the solution for you.

Get in touch and our team of trained professionals will provide you with a comprehensive free site survey. They will fully understand your requirements and in return, offer you the perfect solution to suit your specific and individual needs. Our products are available in a full range of colours to suit your brand.

When considering the installation of a new flooring system, we understand that extensive downtime is not an option for many businesses. This is why our products are specially manufactured to be fast on application and curing yet still ensuring that you get the quality finish that will last.

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